The Greatest Super Power

levicoltonEveryone tells me that I ‘’should soak up this time” because they “grow so fast.” I am going to be honest and tell you that soaking up the moments has been one of my greatest struggles.

I feel more comfortable on a mission, checking off my checklists, and I feel accomplished if I am moving toward the “next thing” in my day.

I don’t know what happened in the last few weeks but my ability to soak in the moments has been heightened to super power status.
Yesterday we were leaving Old Navy, late for my Grandma’s 80th birthday party when my three year old discovered a tiny tornado of leafs spinning into the air in an outside alley. He was so mesmerized that he let go of my hand and ran into the center of the flying leaves. I just stopped and watched the scene through my little boy’s eyes. He raised up his hands and began to twirl in sync with the leaves. Yes, I was in a hurry but my recent unexpected super power took over.I sat in the moment and soaked it into my soul. My heart took a snapshot of it and then I filed it only where the most precious treasures of life are stored.

Last weekend we went to the beach as a family. I sat on a sandy hill and watched the sun glisten off my handsome husband as he dug holes with my two boys. Levi’s wild white hair was tamed by his sideways hat, he was bent over looking intently for shells. Colton was running around them with his platypus feet and squealing at the possibility of arriving to China.

It was one of those moments that you cannot, not live in. The power of how good this moment was took over, it rose up like a wave under me, pushing me higher and higher until the threshold was too much and to my surprise all I felt was…pain. It felt like a dull achy white knuckled grip on my heart.

My good friend told me a long time ago that she loves massages so much that she can’t stand to get them because all she thinks about the whole time was the fact that it will end.

As I dug my feet deeper into the warm sand, my heart was shrinking deeper into the cavern of my chest. In an attempt to make sense of this unexpected pain, I remembered my friend who loves massages but hates to get them.
I realized, I struggle to live in the good moments because I knew that they all come to an end. The thought of losing all the good in my life can be too much to bare that it’s safer not to recognize it.

So, yes what they say is true…the dishes can wait and the laundry will always be there. The moments though, they will be gone so don’t ignore them.
Take some time to do some spring cleaning, clear out a room in your heart where only the treasured snapshots of life are stored. If you practice it enough, it will become your greatest super power.

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